Mads and Nick

Some days are just so damn sweet you don't know where to point the camera. We got a little bit of rain, so we went deep into the forest, then as it cleared, we came out to see the sun peek through. Something tells me the sun shines on these guys a lot. Mads and Nick were both so gracious and lovely. They make everyone around them feel so looked after. They're good people.

I loved their response to the sneek peak I sent them:

"Tony this is absolutely amazing, we are speechless, you have a fantastic talent, we are thrilled with them, thank you for sending them so fast!" - Mads

"Huge Tony, Huge! Thanks a million" - Nick 

Flowers - @prunellaflowers 

Dress - @marianahardwick 

Suits - @twelvetailors 

Venue - @conventgallery 

Hair and Makeup -