Some of my favourite memories of childhood are rummaging through my parents and grandparents house and finding old photo albums from when they were young, including their wedding albums with my Dad with his long hair and massive 70's moustache. That's why I always encourage couples to have their images printed in an album.

I can design and print a beautiful Australian-made, leather-bound, lay-flat, fine-art album of a selection of your images. We will work together to make sure you are totally happy with the design before we go to print.

You can get an album as part of your package, or if ordered separately, prices start at $1190 (inc. GST) for 20 x 2-page spreads (around 150 images) on a 10x10-inch album. Extra spreads are $15 each.

If you want to go big, you can get a 12x12-inch album, with prices starting at $1,590 for 20 spreads, with extra spreads available for $20 each.

Parent albums (6x6-inch versions of the main album) are available for $490 each, when ordered with a main album.